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Toys' Opera


A multimedia installation and performance project by Yoni Niv, Elad Shniderman and Adam Kendall


Yoni Niv
Described by the Organ Magazine as 'the art of avant-garde improvisation and sound-sculpture as music. Refined and rather understated, full of textured atmosphere and quiet seductive impressive detail', composer and sound artist Yoni Niv explores cross-cultural, urban musical practices across a wide variety of artistic mediums.

Yoniís music has been performed by distinguished new music ensembles such as Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin (KNM Berlin), International Music Ensemble (ICE), Due East, Either/Or Ensemble, Argento New Music Project, JACK Quartet, Mivos Quartet, Musica Nova ensemble and others. His works have been presented internationally at venues and festivals such as Tel Aviv Museum, the Chelsea Art Museum, Tenri Cultural Institute, Thalia Theatre, Harvestworks Digital Media, Felicja Blumental Music Center, Merkin Hall, Goethe Institute (NY), Brooklyn Electro-Acoustic Festival, Vdance Festivel (Tel-Aviv Cinematheque), Bushwick Art Biennial, Cologne and NY Mix Film Festival, the International Conference for Computer Music (ICMC), and the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the Untied States (SEAMUS).

Yoni is currently a PhD candidate in Music Composition and Theory at New York University. He has studied composition with Elizabeth Hoffman, Amnon Wolman and Morton Subotnick. His dissertation, under the advisement of Jairo Moreno, studies notions of temporality in late 20th century music.

As an active member of the NY avant-garde musical community, Yoni has been the co-founder and curator of 'De Facto New Music series' and a member of the composerís collective 'First Performance'. Upon his return to Israel in 2011, Yoni joined Israeli based new music ensemble 'Musica Nova'.
Elad Shniderman
Brooklyn based composer and sound artist Elad Shniderman is currently pursuing his PhD in Music Composition at Stony Brook University. He has studied composition with Margaret Schedel, Daria Semegen, Morton Subotnick and Ruben Seroussi, and he holds a Masters degree from Brooklyn College and a Bachelors degree from the Buchman Mehta School of music at Tel Aviv University.

Eladís interest in interdisciplinary art leads to a wide variety of collaboration with artists from different media such as dance, video art, film and performance.

Eladís works have been presented internationally at venues such as ICMC (international computer music conference, NYC), Harvestworks Digital Media NYC, Goethe Institute Barcellona, Brooklyn Electro-Acoustic Festival, re-new (Digital art festival, Copenhagen), Les Intranquilles Festival #6, Les Subsistances, Lyon, Grammaire de la ville (Goethe-Institut Lyon), 400 Jahre JLU - Tag der offenen TŁr: Offstage, The Bax Brooklyn, Movement research (DTW, NYC), Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Cambridge Film Festival, Lithuania Film Festival, Vdance Festivel (Tel-Aviv Cinematheque), Jerusalem film festival (Jerusalem Cinematheque), Cologne.
Adam Kendall
Adam Kendall is a videoist and musician living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He treats video as a medium capable of detailed, structured composition and dynamic, improvisational performances. Adam regularly performs and screens pieces solo and in various collaborations, including the multimedia project Toys' Opera, and has recently presented or performed at SEAMUS 2011 (Miami, FL), ICMC 2010 (Stony Brook, NY), The Stone (NYC), Contour Editions (Online), and Diapason Gallery (NYC). He organizes the a/v performance series {R}ake and runs the Video Composition Workshop. He is a software developer and incorporates his own programming in his pieces and performances. http://www.hellbender.org